The Coliseum

The ColiseumWhen it comes to the Coliseum, doubling your yield is the modest claim. In fact, the Coliseum has been outperforming the world’s most productive grow systems since its introduction; tripling and quadrupling former harvests has not been uncommon.

Easy to assemble and maintain and extremely efficient, the Coliseum is made up of individual sections that can be stacked on top of one another to create as much growing room as you need. The Coliseum is the ultimate grow system as it allows you to easily double your yield for the same wattage as traditional systems and quadruple your yield for the equivalent floor space.

As a vertical system (building vertically), the Coliseum takes up less space than traditional systems while capitalizing on every photon of light. The Coliseum uses a highly efficient stacked array of lamps which allow plants to receive more even-light coverage than is possible with flat gardens.

The Coliseum is able to use a variety of different hydroponic growing strategies, offering the grower several choices: Perlite, Perlite/vermiculite mix, Peat and Perlite Mix, and Aeroponic.

The inventor of the Coliseum is a professional Engineer with over 12 years of hydroponic gardening experience.

Quick View

  • 2.0 x the yield per Watt compared to a flat garden
  • 5.0 x the yield per square meter compared to a flat garden
  • Requires 1,600 to 3000 Watts

Coliseum Yield DiagramClick here for a detailed analysis of yield per square meter as compared to flat garden.

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